(New work – 5/22/2017. Yet another attempt at a short story. This is coming in off the cuff, so please “excuse the mess” of a work in progress.) “You didn’t, did you?” Sheila stopped in mid-walk towards the sink. “You did.” She turned around a faced him with a look of slight dismay sprinkled withContinue reading ““Telephone””

“Clock Work” (excerpt)

He wasn’t the healthiest guy in the world. Every morning, he had trouble functioning unless he had a Camel Light with his coffee and a Bloody Mary to follow; he considered the Bloody Mary his breakfast since it was made with V-8. Cold sores. That was it. I guess I had forgotten how painful thoseContinue reading ““Clock Work” (excerpt)”

10:30 p.m. Saturday Night

( First draft 1996(?). This is a piece of a piece of a short story. I assume that I was attempting to put this into movie script form just from looking at the “10:30 p.m. Saturday Night” title(?). The following piece is the first rewrite in 20 years.) 10:30 p.m.      Saturday night April 15th wasContinue reading “10:30 p.m. Saturday Night”