Paul had a siamese twin: Sol. Paul didn’t really know his twin existed. Paul and Sol were separated after birth. Paul and Sol each had one testicle, though neither knew this about the other. Their parents – Jay and Lisa – kept it very quiet through late night or lazy, anxiety-ridden Sunday afternoons when guiltContinue reading “Siamese”


Do not mistake my silence for stupidity. You are correct: it is not the norm. It may be the point. The one who speaks without considering the possibilities, or differing points of view, usually loses in the end. Who really wins? What does the winner win in the end? Does any of it really matter? Yes.Continue reading “Mistakes”

Quit consumin’ and start producin’ (11/18/2015)

11/18/2016   Quit consumin’ and start producin’. Get into the flow of your surroundings; just don’t get sucked into the current too heavily. There was a robust Mexican man by the name of Roberto (pronounced Hah-Bear-Thoe) who loved to hang out at the local tavern and sing karaoke. Roberto (once again, pronounced Hah-Bear-Thoe) was notContinue reading “Quit consumin’ and start producin’ (11/18/2015)”