What is this "Mind Stroll"?

Most of these works are just pieces from the past.

When I say, “pieces,” I do mean this literally. I am fortunate enough to have these parts of stories, scripts, etc., because I now have the chance to mold them into works I will (hopefully) be proud of once they are complete.

I once watched an interview with David Lynch about inspirations behind his work. He responded by explaining that we all think about, and experience life, in small bits and pieces. He went on to describe his writing process as being one in which he attempts to bind many of these pieces together into whole works.

It may not always make sense to the outside reader, but this is what makes writing so much fun. I used to love sitting in creative writing classes, presenting my works, then sitting back and listening to my colleagues pick apart and analyze what the “meaning” of each work may have been.

I learned more about my writing than I had every known before. I had no idea these words that I put on a blank sheet of paper would mean anything more than what was written. However, the readers knew.

My experience + reader interpretation = fun times

As with everything, this page is constantly evolving. Any suggestions and/or feedback is appreciated. All writings can be found under the page “The Mind’s Library”.