Sandra Dracul

  (There was no date on this, but I did find comments written in green, so I can assume this was some sort of writing class assignment. By the looks of some phrasing and “character notes” at the end, I can also assume this was a free-writing activity.)   There are no shadows when youContinue reading “Sandra Dracul”

Quit consumin’ and start producin’ (11/18/2015)

11/18/2016   Quit consumin’ and start producin’. Get into the flow of your surroundings; just don’t get sucked into the current too heavily. There was a robust Mexican man by the name of Roberto (pronounced Hah-Bear-Thoe) who loved to hang out at the local tavern and sing karaoke. Roberto (once again, pronounced Hah-Bear-Thoe) was notContinue reading “Quit consumin’ and start producin’ (11/18/2015)”