Must of

Stu turned the corner and walked, shin first, into an old fire hydrant. AAAHHHHHHOUUUUUCHHHHH!!!!!!! FuuuuckKK!!! Stu leaned over to rub off the pain. As he leaned, Stu’s forehead connected swiftly with the top of the hydrant. AAAAAAAHHHHOUUUUCHHHH!!! MOTHER… FUCKER!!!!’ Blood ran in a single stream from the crease of forehead directly above the point ofContinue reading “Must of”

Bert’s Knees

“Hey!” Billy yelled across the waiting room as Bert emerged through the mechanical hospital door. Surgery happened 48 hours prior and Bert was walking around on crutches (“…as best you can,” Yolanda explained as they were preparing his discharge papers. “It will look wrong, it will feel wrong, and, honey, it will BE wrong. ButContinue reading “Bert’s Knees”

Wrong Side of the Bed

(Originally written Spring 1996. I was taking a creative writing night class at KCKCC when this was originally written. 7:30 a.m. (Some Monday morning) It was bad enough that another Monday snuck around the corner again. What made things ten times as bad was the rain and dreariness Pete viewed through his bedroom window uponContinue reading “Wrong Side of the Bed”