Away in the woods

(This was¬†written some time around 1995.) I. Away in the woods underneath mystical skies Continental Relaxation And NO COVER CHARGE!   I, enjoying the nature of life, ponder what surrounds me. How one day to another We see different perspectives People – old and new – living the life of the tumbling river, Winding itsContinue reading “Away in the woods”

Notes from torn, spiral notebook pages

(These are a series of notes from random notebook pages found in my accordion binder of random shit. The dates are listed, boldfaced, before each section / notebook page. I assume I was bored in class. I’ve added a few words in a few places that I felt really sucked, but most of these thoughtsContinue reading “Notes from torn, spiral notebook pages”

Piece of a piece (1/07/1997)

(Date written: 1/7/1997. I have the names “James” and “Chris – Sept. 13” as possible title notes (?) at the top of the originally typed copy that I revised for this blog. I was on a big writing kick in 1996-97. Unfortunately, I have yet to locate the rest of the piece. I have startedContinue reading “Piece of a piece (1/07/1997)”