Book reflection (11/30/1997)

(This was another piece from my Seminar for Writers class at Washburn University in 1997. I really miss the fellowship / competition of a writing class. In all honesty, I don’t even remember writing this piece, so it was a surprise when I came across it tonight. I assume this book review was assigned followingContinue reading “Book reflection (11/30/1997)”

90s Brain on Display

(First off, the dates that are listed on most of these pieces hover around ’96-’97. I was a frustrated, angry, disillusioned dickhead sometimes, but I guess even a dickhead can write so-so shit (I really do love alliteration) from time to time. I am NOT saying that this stuff is all good; it’s not. I am,Continue reading “90s Brain on Display”


(These were written somewhere around November 2015. They are fairly recent considering my devotion to this craft over the past “lost” decade. I was teaching these to my students this year, and felt obligated to create my own as an example. I am actually pretty happy with this work. If you don’t know what anContinue reading “Acrostic”