Sandra Dracul


(There was no date on this, but I did find comments written in green, so I can assume this was some sort of writing class assignment. By the looks of some phrasing and “character notes” at the end, I can also assume this was a free-writing activity.)


There are no shadows when you wear black.

There is no squinting when you wear black sunglasses; there is no need for reflection.

Soaking up rays affects the body after awhile, but you don’t show it. Black covers everything. You smile.

The real you is hidden.

Black conceals; it doesn’t give away.

Black steals… the sunlight and warms the body while hinting coldness towards innocent onlookers.

You smile; you are whomever you want. Blend with the night.

The truth will never be found in black. One could read you better with access to your eyes. They shall not. There is no mirror of humanity peering back at you. Only a strange shade: two darkened ovals wrapped around concealed truth.

You don’t have to be sad in black. Many mourn somber tales in blackened gowns and shades. Many give away their emotions by what they wear. Many are not you. While minds are dispersed silently, you soak in the rays. Like a big block of ice, they will melt while you look on.


——————————————————–Character notes (I think)

Sleeps with 2 pillows: one under her head and one under her feet. The down-filled pillow, the one under her head, has a red pillow case. The hypo-allergenic pillow under her feet is cased in white.

Her favorite color is red. She separates/color-coordinates all M&Ms before eating them.



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This is a collage. This is old and new. This is mainly new added to old. This is not a test.

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